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Recent Event - Piper on Mount Baw Baw !

It was just going on winter when we got a call from a lady asking us to play on Mt Baw Baw.

It sounded unusual, but it would be a great adventure, so we confirmed the details of the booking and offered a choice of tunes for her to consider for her husband's 60th birthday.

It was to be a surprise (we are quite good at those 🙂 and when we arrived we were greeted by one of the party guests in the car park.

The snow was falling softly and it was extremely cold.  Not great conditions for a piper's hands or instrument.

Being a professional, the piper got to work tuning the instrument in arctic conditions, in a small wooden shed.

After a few minutes, managing to still keep the surprise blanketed under wraps, the piper was ready.

He walked up to the lodge which was the venue of the party, and as per the host's request he started playing on the verge outside, narrowly avoiding slipping on a small patch of ice.


The birthday boy was surprised and ecstatic, as he was a lover of bagpipes.  He expressed his delight by joining the piper outside for a photo whilst playing.

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Thank you for playing at my sister's and her new husbands wedding. They were pleasantly surprised and all the guests commented on how nice the bagpipes sounded, made the whole wedding complete..

Maria Maria