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Why Choose Melbourne Bagpipers ?

Scottish Bagpipes Create Atmosphere

A Scottish piper can add much more than a few bagpipe tunes to any occasion. A piper in full dress, can be a visual and arresting sight at a wedding – with the sound of traditional tunes, create a stirring atmosphere.

The services that a piper may supply on your big day can vary. The most basic choice is to play whilst the bride and her bridesmaids arrive at the wedding venue and afterwards to pipe the happy couple and their wedding party from the venue.

A popular choice is to play for the newly married couple as they arrive at their wedding reception, then have the bride and groom piped to their seats at the meal or to cut their wedding cake.

The piper has been followed in times of war and peace and for just about every scottish ceremony one can imagine.  There is something traditional and inspiring about that.

Choosing Scottish Bagpiper Wedding Tunes

As for a choice of tunes, well, this can range from the traditional to the more contemporary. Some wedding couples have a particular tune in mind, either because they have a connection to them or simply like them.  There are many common favorites including “The Green Hills of Tyrol” (aka Scottish Soldier which you can hear in the sample clip above), Scotland the Brave, Mhairie’s Wedding, Amazing Grace, The Sky Boat Song, and many more

Most pipers opt for one of the two traditional dress options. The most popular and well-known outfit is that of Argyll jacket and Glengarry.

At the end of the day, the piper will be willing to accommodate all customers as best they can and will always be available to offer advice before and even during the event. All weddings are unique, but they do follow a similar structure and a good piper will be able to adjust to any unforeseen events that may unfold.

Playing music on Scotland’s national instrument is only a small part of what a professional piper adds to any occasion. Our bagpipers, have played and performed before large and small crowds for many years at hundreds of different events across the world. We pride ourselves in being approachable, easy to deal with, extremely competitive and 100% reliable. That’s why our customers always come back to us time after time.

How to hire our professional bagpipers

All you need to do is submit your no obligation enquiry using the "book now" button above, and you are guaranteed to find our professionalism will match your expectation and  you can be safe in knowing you have made a good choice.

Remember to include as much details about your event as you can and we will respond to your enquiry promptly with a no obligation quote.

We offer three bagpiper hire options, if you have any specific requirements please just include these in your enquiry.

Hire an event Bagpiper – Basic Option

Piper plays at the event (15 mins) – Cost $295 *

Hire an event Bagpiper – Complete Option

Piper plays at the event (60 mins) – Cost $495 *

Hire event Bagpipers – Custom Option

If you require an event pipeband please provide details of your event so that we can provide you with a custom quote based on the information you provide.


Thank you for playing at my sister's and her new husbands wedding. They were pleasantly surprised and all the guests commented on how nice the bagpipes sounded, made the whole wedding complete..

Maria Maria